Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bug-a-Bag on Women Wired Weekend

these are some photos we took while participating on Women Wired Weekend event. We decorated the stand by ourselves. It was fun! everyone seems to be attracted with Bug-a-Bag products! And Thank God we managed to sell quite a lot of our bags and clutches ;)
we also got quite a lot of orders since then. thanks to Women Wired Weekend! it was a great event!

keychain made from python skin

our 2nd collection catalogue

our python skin bags were the best seller during the event :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

all time favorite floral vintage retro dress

took this photo in 2010. i just wanna share this gorgeous vintage retro dress with you. even it's 2012, i'm still loving this dress! this dress deff is my all time favorite! this was one of the best DIY i've ever done. Made some tiny modifications on the back of the dress, cut the sleeves (it was a long sleeve at first), and made the dress shorter. I bought this dress in a flea market in my city with a very generous price! Oh how i miss spending hours in a flea market :')

Btw, told you i'll go shopping today (supposed to be yesterday or today) but gonna have to cancel the plan because need to attend in a meeting. may be tomorrow ;)

tell me what you think of the dress, and share your DIY tips. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BUG-A-BAG and DIY Photoshoot

this is the brand me and my friend (Elrica) made. This was our first collection and very first photoshoot. i did all the make up and wardrobe, and El became the photographer. the model is a friend of mine since junior high school. there were only 4 of us and we're so happy with the result. oh and you know what? we used a silver gift wrap to catch the light (so-called-lighting) hahaha..thanks to my very kind bf who holds the silver wrapping during the photoshoot! :p it was a wonderful DIY Photoshoot!
tell me what you think :)

for more pics just visit Bug-a-Bag

Bubblegum Bag (python skin)

Celia Clutch (python skin)

Lola Bag in Tangerine (python skin)

Moon Bag in yellow (python skin)

Ringo Bag in Fuchsia (python skin)

we also made some lambskin clutches in our 2nd collection..will share them on my next post or if you can't wait that long, just click here thank you :)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ready for summer!

i know it's still far from summer for some of you..but since i live in a tropical land, it's either rainy or sunny day for me. yeay! :D

i'm going to Bali with my friends and bf on 9th March. i'm so excited everytime i go to Bali even i've been there for too many times! still never get enough of Bali.
i start to make my "must-buy-item" list before i go (yes, i always get this excited for holidays even it's still..what? a month from now? hehee). but for this time, i only need a new high waist bikini. i'll try to focus myself on this one while i go shopping tomorrow or friday arfter work.

as i'm having my lunch, i browsed some cute bikinis and onepiece..i'll find something close to these. tell me what you think and which one you like best! :)

these two, i found them in anthropologie


        Smoked Retro Bikini                                         Dear Marlene Bikini

and lucky me, i found a swimwear line called twentyforteen and for you who live in Jakarta, you can find them in The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia.
they designed some amazingly cute and adorable bikinis and onepieces!! very retro just what i like!
a friend of mine told me that you can order (custom made) your bikini/onepiece, they'll make it based on your size, colors, and material that you want. i'll try the Goods Dept first, if i don't find what i want, may be i'll do the custom made thingy. these are some of their amazing designs, tell me how can't you love them?!

can't stop looking at this one!!

although i already have a onepiece, but this one is a must have!
don't you think so? red-white stripes + beach + summer = perfection!

just by looking from their website i already had a panic attack!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If you are into bags and clutches, please visit me and my friend's bag line blogspot (Bug-a-Bag), you'll find a fabulous bags and clutches. We launched our first season on September 1st, 2011 and preparing our 3rd season now.

We designed our own bags/clutches with fine and high quality material from python skin, lamb skin, goat skin, cow skin, and suede. To make it more interesting and fun, you can customize your own bag from skin material, colors, and design, but of course for design you still have to discuss it with us and we'll let you know whether we could make it or not, because we only give our customer the best goods and services :)

Reseller are welcome and of course we'll give you a special price! we'll deliver to everywhere you are!

so please do take a look at the blog and happy shopping! ;)

Maybelline Gel Liner (recommended!)

this one is absolutely my new favorite liner! i used to use revlon black pencil eyeliner until i found this gel liner from maybelline. it came in 2 colors (black and brown). eyeliner is a must for me, specially dark color eyeliner to make my eyes look wider. oh and besides this gel liner i'm still using pencil liner. i'm trying pencil liner from pixy, it's very affordable and quite a "must-have-eyeliner" here in my country. will tell you more about pixy later, back to the gel liner, it last a whole day! i'm quite amazed. i tried gel liner from MAC, but after several (5-8) hours it became oily and smudged (although that didn't happen when i use my eye primer), and i have to retouched it after several hours. with maybelline gel liner, i don't need to use my eye primer, and it last until 12-15 hours! from 6am until 9pm (i usually got home by 9-10pm) i never ever, even once, retouch my eyeliner. it lasted that long and not even oily even without my eye primer. so yes, i'm very satisfied with this product which only cost me IDR 70.000-80.000 (didn't really remember the exact price), or it's around $7.5-$8.5, and it came with the liner brush as well. now i'm tempted to buy the brown one!

Monday, February 6, 2012


i've been reading Annabel's blog (blushing ambition) recently and today, as i'm sitting in front of my computer, in the midst of work (and reading Annabel's blog), i started to think that starting my own blog could be fun! and tadaaaaaaa! here's my blog! named it faerydae and it means "gifts from the fairies". i love all things related to fairies :)

what would i write and share on my blog? i love make up, fashion, and food. so yes, i think i'd write something about those things.

okay now, going to end my very first post here and i promise my next post will be more interesting than this! :p