Friday, February 10, 2012

all time favorite floral vintage retro dress

took this photo in 2010. i just wanna share this gorgeous vintage retro dress with you. even it's 2012, i'm still loving this dress! this dress deff is my all time favorite! this was one of the best DIY i've ever done. Made some tiny modifications on the back of the dress, cut the sleeves (it was a long sleeve at first), and made the dress shorter. I bought this dress in a flea market in my city with a very generous price! Oh how i miss spending hours in a flea market :')

Btw, told you i'll go shopping today (supposed to be yesterday or today) but gonna have to cancel the plan because need to attend in a meeting. may be tomorrow ;)

tell me what you think of the dress, and share your DIY tips. :)

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