Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maybelline Gel Liner (recommended!)

this one is absolutely my new favorite liner! i used to use revlon black pencil eyeliner until i found this gel liner from maybelline. it came in 2 colors (black and brown). eyeliner is a must for me, specially dark color eyeliner to make my eyes look wider. oh and besides this gel liner i'm still using pencil liner. i'm trying pencil liner from pixy, it's very affordable and quite a "must-have-eyeliner" here in my country. will tell you more about pixy later, back to the gel liner, it last a whole day! i'm quite amazed. i tried gel liner from MAC, but after several (5-8) hours it became oily and smudged (although that didn't happen when i use my eye primer), and i have to retouched it after several hours. with maybelline gel liner, i don't need to use my eye primer, and it last until 12-15 hours! from 6am until 9pm (i usually got home by 9-10pm) i never ever, even once, retouch my eyeliner. it lasted that long and not even oily even without my eye primer. so yes, i'm very satisfied with this product which only cost me IDR 70.000-80.000 (didn't really remember the exact price), or it's around $7.5-$8.5, and it came with the liner brush as well. now i'm tempted to buy the brown one!

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  1. i tried it one month ago and I should say that it's a really good product!
    great post :)