Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ready for summer!

i know it's still far from summer for some of you..but since i live in a tropical land, it's either rainy or sunny day for me. yeay! :D

i'm going to Bali with my friends and bf on 9th March. i'm so excited everytime i go to Bali even i've been there for too many times! still never get enough of Bali.
i start to make my "must-buy-item" list before i go (yes, i always get this excited for holidays even it's still..what? a month from now? hehee). but for this time, i only need a new high waist bikini. i'll try to focus myself on this one while i go shopping tomorrow or friday arfter work.

as i'm having my lunch, i browsed some cute bikinis and onepiece..i'll find something close to these. tell me what you think and which one you like best! :)

these two, i found them in anthropologie


        Smoked Retro Bikini                                         Dear Marlene Bikini

and lucky me, i found a swimwear line called twentyforteen and for you who live in Jakarta, you can find them in The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia.
they designed some amazingly cute and adorable bikinis and onepieces!! very retro just what i like!
a friend of mine told me that you can order (custom made) your bikini/onepiece, they'll make it based on your size, colors, and material that you want. i'll try the Goods Dept first, if i don't find what i want, may be i'll do the custom made thingy. these are some of their amazing designs, tell me how can't you love them?!

can't stop looking at this one!!

although i already have a onepiece, but this one is a must have!
don't you think so? red-white stripes + beach + summer = perfection!

just by looking from their website i already had a panic attack!


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